RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


Users can access the new RapidIdentity user interface through any of the following options.

  1. In the browser url, append ui to the RapidIdentity base URL. For example: https://<Hostname or IP address>/ui.

  2. From RapidIdentity Portal, click Try Our New Look.

  3. Make the new user interface URL the default landing page by clicking the question mark next to Try our new look, the checkbox, and OK to confirm the new user interface URL in the first option is the default landing page.


  1. Options 1 and 2 allow users to toggle between each of the user interfaces. These two options do not commit users to either user interface.

  2. Option 1 requires the browser URL to be modified manually.

  3. Option 2 automatically redirects users to the new UI and updates the URL accordingly.

  4. Option 3 commits users to the new user interface with each instance that RapidIdentity is accessed. If option 3 is selected, the legacy user interface can be accessed by navigating to https://<Hostname or IP address>/portal.