RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Accessing RapidIdentity Portal

All RapidIdentity Portal modules are HTML5, with the exception of the Configuration module which is Flash-based. A web browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in is the only requirement necessary to access the Configuration module.

System Administrators will provide the URL to access RapidIdentity Portal. The URL will direct to the login page, however, the page may look different than what is shown since it is organization-specific and can be modified by administrators with CSS. 


Users can claim their account at any time by clicking the Claim My Account button.

Some organizations may implement Authentication Policies requiring, for example, staff to enter an SMS 6-digit number to authenticate instead of a password. If an authentication policy exists such that at least one user is required to enter an SMS code or other input besides a password, users will only see the username field when accessing the RapidIdentity login page.

If users cannot log in, click Need help?  


Click the Forgot My Username and or Forgot My Password buttons, as appropriate, prior to contacting the organization's Help Desk and Identity Automation Support to obtain your username and password.