RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Admin Sponsorship Module

About the Sponsorship Module

The RapidIdentity Portal Sponsorship Module is a system an organization can use to manage special user account life cycles.

A special user account is any account that must be managed outside of an authoritative system (e.g. HRMS). Common Sponsor accounts can include contractors, other temporary positions, and volunteers.

Sponsors have privileges to perform these five actions.

  1. Create accounts

  2. Transfer accounts to another Sponsor

  3. Expire accounts

  4. Certify accounts (extend the expiration)

  5. Delete accounts

If a User is a Sponsor's manager, the User can perform Sponsor account actions for any sponsored account pertaining to the Sponsor's manager.

Administrators can designate a group of users as Sponsorship Module Administrators also; anyone in this group will have an “Other Sponsorships” tab. Groups provide a mechanism to manage all sponsored accounts.

The advantage of this feature is to help other Sponsors manage accounts; the benefit is a workflow burden reduction in other organization departments, such as Customer Service.