RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Amazon Kinesis Settings

If Amazon Kinesis is selected as an Audit Target, it is necessary to configure an AWS EC2 Instance to host Amazon Kinesis, configure Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose , and then point the resultant Firehose audit data to a storage repository, such as AWS S3.

If you choose not to use the Instance Profile Credentials to access Amazon Kinesis, the Access Key and Secret Key will need to be entered as provided by Amazon.

Table 246. Amazon Kinesis Fields



Enable Kinesis Audit Log

When checked, Amazon Kinesis is enabled as a target for audit logs.

Kinesis Stream

The name of the Kinesis Stream that is created from within theAWS Kinesis Console, Kinesis API, or AWS CLI.

Use Instance Profile Creds

When checked, the AWS Instance Profile is used to authenticate. When unchecked, a valid Kinesis Access Key and Kinesis Secret are required to pass log data to Amazon Kinesis.

Kinesis Access Key

The access key for Amazon Kinesis.

Kinesis Secret

The secret for Amazon Kinesis. All but the last five characters of the secret are masked.

Kinesis Region

Optional. The Kinesis Region corresponds to the region in which the EC2 Instance that hosts Amazon Kinesis is located.