RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Appliance Migration Sequences

Back up RapidIdentity Appliance

RapidIdentity Appliance backups include all configuration and database files making them available to download. This download can then be stored in a backup repository as well as imported into a new appliance.

Follow these 3 steps to backup RapidIdentity Appliance:

  1. Log in as idauto::admin with the password that is set for the account.

  2. Click Management | Server Management | Data

  3. Click Begin Export.

A download containing all /var/opt/idauto/ files and a RapidIdentity Portal copy will start.

If Include Backup data is checked, all *.log and *.war along with web content folders are included.

Import RapidIdentity Appliance Configuration


Before importing a saved configuration, back up the existing RapidIdentity Appliance configuration by following the sequence described above.

Follow these 4 steps to import a RapidIdentity Appliance configuration:

  1. Follow the Export RapidIdentity Appliance Configuration sequence described above.

  2. Navigate to Server Management | Data | Import Migration Archive.

  3. Click Choose File to select the migration file. Select any of checkboxes appropriate for the environment. The blue text indicates what is included in the migration file. If a selection was not included during the export process, the blue text displays as N/A.

  4. Click Start Import.

After importing the archive, Tomcat should restart. It may be necessary to reboot the appliance.