RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Audit Types

The Audit Types interface allows administrators to toggle the format configuration of the audit logs and optionally target Amazon Kinesis Data Streams for the audit logs.

Administrators can include more than one of the following formats.

  1. File based

  2. Database based

  3. Batch Database inserts

  4. Syslog based


Administrators can view a sample log message at any time by clicking the Send Test Log Message text and accessing the configured RapidIdentity audit database.

Selecting Enable File Based Audit Log allows administrators to select JSON or XML as a format for one-line events, or Legacy as the format for multi-line XML; Legacy corresponds to the format prior to RapidIdentity 2017.11.14.

If this option is selected prior to upgrading to RapidIdentity 2017.11.14 or later, Legacy will be selected. If this option is not selected prior to upgrade or is selected at any time thereafter, JSON will be selected initially.

The Product, Module, and Action are now represented as productId, moduleId, and actionId, respectively.