RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Browse Tab

The Browse tab allows administrators to search for users or groups. The grid interface displays results, and the Details pane displays relevant LDAP filters, unique ID, last processed date, drive letter, and home drive location. The Details pane information should match information found in the User Policies and Group Policies modules. 


Selecting a result enables the Add Selected to Backlog to test folder management.

Clicking the home folder links connects to and opens the user's folder. The first access may take time due to SMB connection and folder/files caching, however, subsequent browsing should be significantly faster.  


RapidIdentity Folders 3.x supports advanced searching. Checking the Advanced Search Mode box enables Filter and Base DN fields to appear.

The Filter magnifying glass opens the LDAP criteria builder and the Base DN magnifying glass opens the LDAP object directory tree.