RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The Catalog interface allows users to request, revoke, print, export, and configure entitlements.

The user can only request those entitlements that show available to request. If the user is an administrator, all entitlements display. The "eye" symbol indicates that an entitlement is active and the "strikethrough eye" indicates an inactive entitlement.

The checkbox allows an entitlement to be selected. The buttons that appear in the footer depend on the authenticated user and their current relationship to the selected entitlement. Users may be able to Print, Request, or Delete the selected entitlement.

Entitlement details can be viewed by clicking Details.

Initially, only the owner, data classification, and expiration display in the General tab. Clicking the Show Advanced Options displays the fields available when creating a new entitlement described below. Any configured conflicts or dependencies display in the Conflicts & Dependencies tab.

Request an Entitlement

Entitlements can be requested in the Catalog interface. Follow these two steps to request an entitlement.

  1. Select an entitlement and click Request.

  2. Adding comments to the request is optional. Click Request.

  3. More than one entitlement can be requested at a time. Users can select multiple entitlements and click Request. The Request dialog allows each entitlement to be requested separately and users can optionally add comments to each request.