RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Categories Tab

The Categories tab contains two subtabs, General, and Entitlements, allowing administrators to add or remove categories and configure categories, along with the ability to map entitlements to a specific category.

Categories will display in the Workflow | Dashboard | My/Team/Other tabs' grid interface category column.

The Categories | General subtab interface may appear blank, initially. To add a new classification, click the plus icon.

Table 306. Category Fields

Field Name



Descriptive display name for the category.


Description of the category.


Active or Inactive.

Enable RBAC

Enables or disables Role Based Access Control.


Role DN for the role allowed to request resources in this category.

Role Exclusion ACL

Role DN of the group not allowed to request resources in this Category.

Enable ABAC

Enables or disables Attribute Based Access Control.

Attribute ACL

Only users who match the specific LDAP attribute will have access to this category.

The Categories | Entitlements subtab allows administrators to classify entitlements as being available or assigned to a category.


Entitlements can be moved from one column to another by dragging and dropping.