RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Certify Sponsored Account

The “Certify” process is used to Certify sponsored accounts. Since all sponsored accounts are configured to expire, the certification process can extend or reduce the expiration date. Accounts can be certified regardless of the current status (Expired; Expiring Soon; Active). When certifying an expired account, authentication is enabled immediately.

Sponsors receive email notifications on a nightly basis when they have sponsored accounts in the “Expiring Soon” status. If the Sponsor does not take action, those accounts will expire on their expiration dates.

To certify an account, select the appropriate data grid check box and click Certify.


Within the Certify Account window, activate the calendar by either clicking on the search bar or the calendar icon. Next, select the desired expiration date; since system administrators configure the maximum number of days a sponsored account can remain active, the application will not allow dates greater than the maximum number of days into the future.

Sponsored accounts can be expired individually or in bulk; the overall process works the same for both. Certifying an expired sponsored account enables authentication credentials immediately.

An email notification is automatically sent to the sponsor to communicate that a certification action has occurred.