RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Configuration Module Interface Overview

The Configuration Module contains nine tabs: one tab to configure RapidIdentity RapidIdentity Portal Settings and one tab for each RapidIdentity Portal Module.


Administrators can select any of the subscribed modules to direct users upon the first login by clicking the Default Landing Module drop down box.

Table 308. Configuration Options



Portal URL

The URL to access RapidIdentity Portal.

Allow new RapidIdentity User Interface

When this box is checked users will have an option click the Try our new look? button.

Since the Configuration Module contains more detailed functionality, many of the Module-specific General and Extended tabs contain drop-down content areas to help organize configuration options.


In the screenshot directly above, there are two content areas: Profiles Settings and Alternate Action Manager. If Profiles Settings is desired, Click anywhere within the Profiles Settings bar.

Overlapping configuration functionality exists within the eight module tabs.

For example, several modules contain Email template editors, and while the editors are message specific, all Email template editors function similarly.