RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Configure External Authentication Realm(s)

Follow these 10 steps to configure External Authentication Realms:

  1. To configure External Authentication Realms, click the Manage External Auth Realms action button within RapidAppliance | Configuration | IdP Configuration.

  2. Next, select Create New Realm.

  3. Checking the Enabled box enables the new realm upon saving.

  4. The LDAP Server Set drop down box now contains the new server set created in high-level procedure step 2.

  5. The Name and Remote Username Attribute fields are both required. Remote Username Attribute is most often the value the end user will type during remote login. This value is largely dependent on organizational preference and LDAP structure, with common values including, but not limited to, cn, mail, sAMAccountNameuserPrincipalName, and uid.

  6. After selecting the desired server set, administrators can complete the remaining fields to suit organizational needs.

  7. Finally, it's necessary to include External and Internal Attributes in association with the Remote Username Attribute. These attribute values are dependent on organizational preference and LDAP structure also.

  8. To add external or internal attributes, click Add Item



  9. When complete, click Save. The new realm now displays in the Current Realms box.

  10. If two or more realms exist, check the default box to assign a default external authentication realm. At this point, configuring support for multiple LDAP servers is complete.