RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Configure Server Sets

Follow these 8 steps to configure server sets:

  1. To Configure Server Sets, select the Server Sets tab within RapidAppliance | Configuration | Core Configuration | LDAP.

  2. Similar to the Servers tab, the server set displayed upon the first visit is based upon the initial organization-specific RapidIdentity configuration. To add a new server set, click the plus sign.

  3. Saving the new server set assigns a unique ID and enables the Change action button next to the Assigned to field.

  4. Clicking Change triggers a pop-up window allowing administrators to assign the new server set to any licensed RapidIdentity application.

  5. Alternatively, selecting Other allows administrators to assign the server to another application. After selecting the desired application, click Assign (not shown).

  6. Clicking Assign triggers a confirmation pop-up window. Click Yes to confirm assignment and then click Save to update.

  7. Next, click the Servers subtab under LDAP | Server Sets.

  8. Servers can be changed from available to assigned via drag and drop. Ensure the servers are assigned correctly and then click Save.