RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Create a Role

Follow these steps to create a new Role.

  1. Click Create Role. Only roles configured to be distribution lists will display the Distribution List check box.

  2. Name the role and click Create.

    1. If it is necessary for this role to serve as a distribution list, click the Distribution List checkbox.

  3. Edit the role.

  4. Click Save.

Role Owners and Membership Managers can be added or removed by clicking the plus or minus sign, respectively.

To allow Membership Managers Role editing rights or to populate the distribution list, click the corresponding checkbox.

Owners and membership managers are independent of membership and do not have to be a member of the Role to have ownership rights.

Role settings can be modified at any time by clicking the pencil icon under the My Roles tab of the appropriate Role.