RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Create an Application in the Legacy UI

The new UI for RapidIdentity allows users to be automatically directed to the new UI if the user chooses to make the new UI the default landing page. If this option is selected, users will not be able to return to the legacy UI by simply modifying the URL.

Users who desire to access the legacy UI from the new UI can do so through an Application tile whose URL points to the legacy UI.

Follow these steps to create an Application tile whose URL for the legacy UI.

  1. Navigate to Configuration | Applications | Extended.

  2. Click the plus sign to create a new Application.

  3. Name the application "RapidIdentity Legacy UI", "RapidIdentity Old UI", or another appropriate name.

  4. Set the Application Type to Simple, the Status to Active, upload an Icon, and configure the URL to point to the desired module in RapidIdentity. The example below points to the RapidIdentity Portal Applications module.

  5. If all users need to see this Application, do not configure RBAC or ABAC in the ACLs tab. Otherwise, configure RBAC or ABAC to match to correct user population.

  6. If necessary, assign the Application to a Category.

  7. When finished, click Save.

  8. Navigate to the Applications module in the legacy UI and refresh the interface. The new Application will be visible in both the legacy and new UI.