RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Create and Register RapidIdentity Service Provider

RapidIdentity Rolling and LTS versions are unified with respect to their components and modules. The software architecture is different relative to RapidIdentity 4.3 and release versions prior.

The end result is that individual RapidIdentity Components (e.g. Portal, Connect) do not need to be configured individually as Service Providers.

One service provider does need to be configured for all of RapidIdentity and it needs to be registered to RapidIdentity.

Follow these 10 steps to create a RapidIdentity Service Provider:

  1. From the Appliance Home page, click Create or edit local service providers.  

  2. Click Configure New Application.

  3. Name the application "RapidIdentity", verify the URL, load the metadata, and click Save.  

  4. Click Assign Applications

  5. Select RapidIdentity and click Assign. The browser should display a window to confirm. Click OK.

  6. Navigate to Configuration | IdP Configuration.

  7. Click Register New Service Provider and then click Automatically Form Fill Data.

  8. Expand SSO Advanced Settings and uncheck Skip Endpoint Validation When Signed.

    Only one service provider can be assigned to RapidIdentity at any given time. When this box is unchecked, all licensed RapidIdentity components are enabled in the same cluster, thus eliminating the need to configure individual SAML Service Providers.

  9. Click Register.

  10. Click Trigger Service Reload.