RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Creating Reports with Prompt Values

Reports can be created to prompt the user to enter criteria values upon running the report. The primary advantage of this feature is that the prompt allows a user to input information into an existing report without having to change the existing report configuration and save the new configuration as a new report. Thus, users can create a default report with criteria set to prompts, such as selecting an action, a user or role, and a date to determine when a particular action or event occurred.

To create this report, start by creating a new report with the following criteria:

  1. Action

  2. Perpetrator ID

  3. Date Occurred

For each of these criteria, click the message icon to display the Prompt for Value at Runtime window.


This window requires an appropriate label that will display to the user running the report along with providing options to add a default value and select the value type. The default value can expedite running reports and inform users new to this report as to the type of input that is expected.

The Selector field provides the following options.

Table 344. Selector Field Options




The list provides a contextual list for the criteria. For example, if Action is the criteria, selecting list will allow the user running the report to select from a list of all possible actions.


The User field allows users to select a person or a role.


The LDAP option allows users to input an LDAP filter or build a filter using the LDAP builder.


The Date field allows users to input specific or contextual dates, such as yesterday or this week.


The None option does not allow users to perform searches but only input text.

Next, configure the prompts as follows to correspond to Criteria : Label : Selector and click Save.

  1. Action : Action : List

  2. Perpetrator ID : User : User

  3. Date Occurred : Date : User

Upon returning to the grid interface, click Save and then click Run Report to view the Define Prompt Values input.

Select the desired action, user, and date, and then click Run Report.


A report is generated only if the prompt values match the database, otherwise the clicking Run Report returns the No Results Found message in the grid interface.