RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Creating Reports

Creating a new report or running an existing report will open additional Report Tabs. The tab name will match the name of the report, or New Report if the report remains unnamed. An asterisk(*) next to the report name in the tab indicates unsaved report changes are present.

Follow these steps to create a new report.

  1. Click New Report. Users can then choose a pre-formatted report or create a custom report.  

  2. Click on of the pre-formatted reports and click Select or click Create Custom Report.

  3. Modify the report name or description as desired and click Save.

Reports may have star-ratings and can be filtered by their rating, if a rating is present, by selecting the rating in the Rating drop-down box.


Pre-formatted reports can also be filtered with dynamic searching using the search bar.

Once a pre-formatted report is selected the right pane populates to include a report description with key data.


The "true" values for both Supported and  Verified report properties indicate that Identity Automation has independently tested this report (verified) and will support this report should issues arise.

When the report is selected, the option to modify the report name or description appears. After saving, RapidIdentity confirms the actions and the grid interfaces displays the report.