RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The People module's Delegations interface allows administrators to manage the default and custom delegation settings. To access this menu, click Settings in the People module and choose Delegations.


This menu allows you to modify profiles as well as delegations.

A Profile represents a collection of attributes about a particular identity (user) such as name, role, and contact information, etc. A Delegation is a logical grouping of profiles based on roles and/or attributes.


This interface replaces the Delegation Definition Manager in the legacy user interface. With the settings configured in this module, users with direct reports are able to assist with self-service options such as changing a password or resetting authentication variables.


Selecting a delegation enables the Delete and Clone action in the footer.

To clone a delegation, select the checkbox and click Clone. The Delegations interface will refresh and display the new delegation with the word copy and a timestamp appended to the Delegation name.


Clicking Delete opens the right sidebar to require confirmation before deleting the delegation. To delete the Delegation, click Yes in the right sidebar.


A successful deletion deletes the delegation immediately and displays a green notification alert.

Using the cursor to hover over the Delegations table displays up and down arrows to order the delegations to display to users and a red Details button to edit the delegation.