RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Edit Delegation General Settings

The General tab allows administrators to define the delegation configuration.

The visible fields depend on the delegation selected and whether the selected delegation type is My or Custom.

Delegations are enabled by clicking the Enabled box.

Table 360. Edit Delegation Fields

Field Name



The delegation name that will be used within the RapidIdentity Portal user interface tab.


A high-level description of the custom delegation. Only visible in this screen.


My: single user tab

Custom: multiple users


Selecting enables the delegation.

Pre-Load All Results

Custom delegation only. Enabling this option causes RapidIdentity Portal to fetch and cache all of the items matching this particular custom delegation. This can create a significant amount of overhead for delegations that contain a large number of objects.

Enable ABAC

Selecting enables Source Base DN and Source Attribute ACL.

Source Base DN

The base location to begin searching for the objects that are able to use this delegation. Note that sub-trees are searched as well.

Source Attribute ACL

The specific objects that may use this delegation.

Enable Appliance Roles

Selecting enables Source Roles, Target Attribute ACL Base DN, and Target Attribute ACL.

Source Roles

The specific roles that may use this delegation, which correspond to the roles defined in Configuration | Security | Roles.

Target Attribute ACL Base DN

Custom delegation only. The base location to begin searching for the objects that will be displayed in the delegation. Note that sub-trees are searched as well.

Target Attribute ACL

Custom delegation only. The specific objects to be displayed. This field supports the use of Attribute Tokens. The format for token use is attribute=%attribute% This will cause the attribute identified on left to be equal in value to the current value assigned to the authenticated user.

Edit Profile Message

Administrators can configure a custom Profiles message to inform users of Profiles edits.