RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Email Template Editors

Email Templates allow administrators to configure predetermined Action Messages that are automatically sent once the corresponding action occurs.


Clicking the pencil icon allows administrators to configure the Email message.


The Email Template Editor contains the automated Email template with various tokens representing customizable user attributes. The specific attributes and tokens visible depend on both the RapidIdentity Portal Module and the message template.

This editor has four main sections:

  • Template Value Buttons

    • These buttons take the form of %token-value%.

    • To insert, place the cursor at the desired location and then click the appropriate value button. Tokens are removed by deleting the %token-value% text.

    • The specific module containing the Email editor determines the available tokens.

  • Plain Text/HTML Format

    • Determines if an email is sent as plain text or HTML.

    • All advanced formatting is lost with plain text.

  • Subject

    • Email subject.

    • The Email subject forbids tokens.

  • Message Content Editor

    • Email message content.

    • All advanced formatting is lost with plain text.