RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Exploring the Interface

Upon login, RapidIdentity Portal may direct to the Applications Module. If the Applications module is not selected automatically, click the Applications module button. To access a specific application, click the application icon.


Application categories are accessible by clicking anywhere on the categories pane, and categories can be collapsed by clicking the thumbtack icon.


Categories, their names, and the applications in each category are determined by RapidIdentity Portal Applications module administrators.

All users can manage favorite applications.

When the cursor hovers over an application icon, a heart appears. Clicking the heart allows users to designate an application as a favorite and the application is categorized as a Favorite Application subsequently.


Some application icons may have a description to help understand what the application icon represents. To view the application description, click the gray bar at the bottom of the application icon.


The RapidIdentity Portal Applications module supports Voice Navigation screen readers to aid visually impaired users. Two examples of voice navigation software compatible with RapidIdentity Portal are ChromeVox and JAWS.