RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Export Migration Archive

Export Migration Archive allows an administrator to download a zip file of the current RapidIdentity configuration.  


RapidIdentity does not currently support backing up a database that points to Microsoft SQL Server.

RapidIdentity Configuration backups can include all configuration files, database and audit tables, and shared files. Administrators can export the configuration at any time and choose a configuration export to match their organization's backup and restore policy.


The downloaded zip file can then be stored in a backup repository as well as imported into a new RapidIdentity appliance.

Follow these three steps to export the current RapidIdentity configuration.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Systems > Data > Export Migration Archive.

  2. Determine whether the export download should include the database configuration, audit tables, or shared files. Check any necessary checkboxes.

  3. Click Start Export.

The zip file export and download process should begin immediately and the resultant file should be stored in the browser's configured location for downloaded files.