RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

File Share Management

This interface allows defined file share addition, editing, and removal.

File Shares can be configured to Amazon S3WebDAV, or Windows. Passwords are masked and the AWS Secret Key only reveals the last five characters.

Table 284. File Share Management Fields

Field Name



The unique file share ID.


Required. This name of the file share is used to identify the file share both in the admin section and in the end user interface. It must be unique from other file share names.

Share Type

The system type for the file share, which must be either Windows, Amazon S3, or WebDAV.

UNC Path or Base URL

Required. This is the path that maps your file share. This field can be dynamically populated from the directory server using the syntax “%attributeName%”. Its syntax is based on Share Type.

  • Windows Share: Standard UNC syntax. It accepts either forward or backslash separators, and the leading “smb:” is optional.

  • Amazon S3: Starts with "//bucketName", followed optionally by an additional “/folder/path”.

  • WebDAV: Standard URL syntax. The leading “HTTP:” or “https:” is optional.

Enable RBAC

Enables or disables Role Based Access Control.


Role DN for the role allowed to request resources in this category.

Role Exclusion ACL

Role DN of the group not allowed to request resources in this Category.

Enable ABAC

Enables or disables Attribute Based Access Control.

Attribute ACL

Only users who match the specific LDAP attribute will have access to this category.

Share Username

This is the username to use when connecting to the file share server. This field can be dynamically populated from the directory service server using the syntax “%attributeName%”.

Access Key (Amazon S3 only)

The access key is the Share owner username.

Secret Key (Amazon S3 only)

The secret key is the Share owner password.


This indicates whether or not the file share is available for use in the front end. When the status is set to Inactive, nobody will see this share in the end user interface.

Share Icon

This icon is what is seen by users in the end user interface for this file share.


This button saves the updates to the server.


This button cancels the current edit, losing any new information.