RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

File Share Tab

The File Share tab is the primary interface to access a File Share.

The File Share tab interface contains four vertical sections: Folders; Files; (File) Size; and Date.

A tree organizes all Folders within the share. To navigate more complex trees, click the arrow next to the folder name to expand and display available subfolders. Clicking any of the Folders displays the folder contents in the Files section.

Selecting a File displays the file size and the file creation date automatically. To open any Folder or File, click the Open button or double-click the desired Folder or File.

Empty file shares display No Results Found.

File Share Controls

The File Share Control Bar contains Action buttons directly below the File Share tab. These buttons allow Users to manipulate the File Share.



Create Directory

This button creates a new directory under the folder currently selected in the left side tree view. Selecting this button causes a window to appear, requesting the desired directory name. The directory name must be unique.


The Upload button launches a file browser to select one or more files upload to the file share. The selected files are uploaded to the currently selected folder or subfolder.


The Download button enables upon selecting a file. Users can initiate the file download directly to the system.


The Delete button enables upon selecting a file or folder. Users can delete the selected file or folder. Selected Files or Folders are given priority. If specific Files are not selected, the selected Folder is deleted. The root folder cannot be deleted.


The Rename button enables upon selecting a file or folder. Users can rename the selected file or folder. Selecting Rename triggers a window requesting a new name or to cancel. The file or folder name, with respect to the selected directory, must be unique.


The Open button functions differently depending on the current selection. The Open button is disabled if nothing is selected or one or more folders are selected. The Open button causes the browser to open the selected files directly in a new tab or window, or download the file directly if the browser does not support the selected file type.