RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Folder Templates

The Folder Templates module allows administrators to outline the folder structure and permission of which RapidIdentity Folders will create and manage. 


Folder templates can be duplicated, exported or imported to serve as a basis to create and manage Shares and Home Directories. Nested folders are possible and administrators can choose to inherit Share and Home Directory permissions.

A template should be designed for each varying folder structure that will need to be applied to the type of shared folder that is applicable to the environment. For example, in the screenshot, there is a template for Course Shares and Home Directories. In the case of the course share, there are nested folders that have varying permissions for admins, managers, and members. In the home directory template, the folder is simplified to allow admin and user permissions.

Table 275. Folder Template Settings



Adding New Folder Templates

To add a new folder template, click the green plus icon under the Folder Templates pane. To create nested folders, select the desired parent folder and click the plus icon.

Deleting Folder Templates

To delete a folder template, click the red minus icon under the Folder Templates pane and then select Yes in the confirmation window.

Duplicating Folder Templates

To duplicate a folder template, click the Duplicate. The duplicated folder will have a number appended to the folder name, such as test1. To retain the duplicated folder template, click  Save.

Exporting Selected Folder Template

To export a specific folder templates, and its nested folder structures, click Export and then specify the destination. The folder template is saved as an XML file.

Exporting All Folder Templates

To export all configured folder templates, including nested folder structures, click Export All..., and specify the destination. The folder template is saved as an XML file.

Import Folder Template

To import a folder template, click Import and select the desired XML file. Similar to duplication, if the named folder template exists currently, the newly imported folder template will have a number appended to the name, such as Course Share1.


All folder templates require names.


A brief folder template description.


It is possible to ignore, set, or clear quotas. Quotas can be set in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.

Checking the Soft box does not enforce a quota limit and reports that limits are met.


Folder attributes can be set to Archive, System, or Hidden.


Folder template owners can be Folder template owners can be User, Group, Administrator, or Other. Selecting Other generates a user search window to assign the folder template owner.


Access Control Lists (ACL) consist of Access Control Entries (ACE) and serve to set folder template (object) access permissions.


To add or remove an ACL, click the plus or minus icon, respectively. To edit and ACL, click the pencil icon.

The required Trustee can be an admin, group, manager, member or user. ACE type can be set to Deny or Allow.