RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

General Tab

The General tab allows administrators to compose the default message end users see and to determine various action buttons available to users when updating a password.

Table 291. Fields

Field Names


Friendly Policy Description for Users

This is where the defined policy is described in simple terms that an end-user will be able to reference and understand. This description is displayed to the user on the change password screen.


Enables or Disables this policy.

Default Policy

If selected, this becomes the default policy.

Allow Password Reset to Attribute Value

Allows the help desk to reset the user's password to a value based on an LDAP attribute. This is a useful way to have users know what their default password is and have it provisioned to an attribute.

Allow Random Password Generation

Allow RapidIdentity Portal to generate a random password for a user if requested.

Default for "User must change password at next login"

Determines the selected state for the change password dialog's “User must change password at next login” checkbox.