RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

General Tab

The General tab contains fields to characterize the user policy.

To enable the policy, check the Enable box.

To exclude users from this policy, click the green plus icon. Excluded users are removed by clicking the red minus icon.

Table 276. Fields




A brief policy description.

User Filter Base DN

This field is the LDAP DN of the contain that holds the users to which this policy applies. Clicking the magnifying box opens the LDAP directory tree to select desired objects.

Administrators can include sub-containers by checking the box.

User LDAP Filter

This field is the LDAP filter to select users to which this policy applies. Clicking the magnifying box opens the LDAP criteria builder window.

Home Folder tab

The Home Folder tab allows administrators to configure a User's home folder. 


After selecting a drive letter, enter the Home Folder pathway. The magnifying glass opens a window containing all possible LDAP attributes.

Administrators can select any template defined previously in the Folder Templates module and can choose to enable private sharing and the option to hide the home folder.

The ACL section is identical to Folder Templates.