RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The Images interface allow organizations to upload a custom image that can be used throughout RapidIdentity for branding purposes. 


While RapidIdentity supports a public images feature, if this feature is used heavily in an environment with high traffic, it can cause performance degradation.

Hosting images in a CDN or other server optimized for serving static files is recommended for high-traffic environments.


Once an image is uploaded, a URL is generated and this URL can be used for custom CSS enhancements. In this particular screenshot, the public URL is obscured for security reasons; however, the URL takes the following form:

https://<Hostname or IP address>:443/files/<filename>

To upload an image, click Add Image +. Then click Choose File and select the desired image.

To delete an image, check the box next to the image(s) to be deleted. Then click Delete Selected Files and click OK.

Image files can be uploaded or deleted at any time.