RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Install the Active Directory Password Filter

Follow these 5 steps to install the Active Directory Password Filter on ALL domain controllers within the Active Directory Domain:

  1. Click Password Filter.

  2. A new browser window/tab should open listing the .msi files. 

    1. Select the latest .msi file and then copy to a temporary location on each domain controller.

  3. Log in to a desktop session of the domain controller and launch the .msi file downloaded in Step 2. Select the installation folder and click Next.

  4. Click Next to confirm installation and Close to exit the installer. Click Yes to reboot.

  5. If this is the first password filter installation within the Active Directory Forest, Step 5 is necessary to configure the filter.

    1. If required, click Install Schema. This step only needs to be performed once per Active Directory Forest.

    2. Click Install RapidIdentity Connect Public Key and then click OK. This step only needs to be performed once per Active Directory Forest.

    3. Enter the URL of the RapidIdentity Connect server. Only enter a port number if a custom port has been configured on the RapidIdentity Connect server. Click OK.

    4. A dialog box appears once the key is installed. Click OK.

    5. The main configuration window appears upon successful installation. The Install RapidIdentity Connect Public Key button is now Remove RapidIdentity Connect Public Key.