RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Kerberos Configuration

The Kerberos Configuration settings are global with respect to RapidIdentity. Administrators that wish to leverage Kerberos with a RapidIdentity Rolling Release version will need additional configuration in the legacy RapidIdentity Appliance user interface. 

Table 249. Fields

Field Name


Enable Automatic Processing

If enabled, Kerberos processing is attempted during authentication. If disabled, users must click a button called "Log in with Windows Credentials" to attempt Kerberos authentication. This configuration option allows admin to configure Kerberos and selectively turn off Kerberos processing as desired. Only an HTTP response of 200 is allowed. Successful Kerberos authentication always results in proceeding to the next authentication policy step (i.e. authentication method or redirect to the configured RapidIdentity component or module).


The Kerberos domain.

KDC Address

The Kerberos Key Distribution Center address.

Service Principal

The service principal name.

Service Principal Password

The service principal account password.

Enable Debugging

It is necessary to restart RapidIdentity Appliance to enable Kerberos server-side debugging.