RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The LDAP tab contains two tabs, Servers, and Server Sets, allowing administrators to configure organization-specific servers and server sets.  


RapidIdentity requires at least one LDAP server connection defined as the repository for user/role data and as the login authentication provider.

Additional server connections may exist to provide high availability failover. Servers must be assigned to a Server Set, which defines the pool of LDAP servers to use and the order in which they are used. There is always a default Server Set but additional Server Sets may exist and be assigned to individual applications. It is possible to configure servers and server sets to allow for Multiple LDAP Directory Support.Multiple LDAP Directory Support

Notwithstanding server and server set configuration, all LDAP servers must be replicas of the same directory information, e.g. different DC's within the same Active/e/OpenLDAP Directory domain.