RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


Libraries are the interface to manage drivers such as JDBC. 


Existing libraries and drivers display as a list with a checkbox and filename column header. An existing library can be removed at any time by clicking the corresponding checkbox and then clicking Delete. Once the Delete button is clicked, the library is removed immediately without a confirmation window to confirm the deletion.

Libraries can be added at any time. Follow these steps to add a new Library or Database Driver.

  1. Click Add Library + and select the appropriate file by clicking Choose File

     It is important to understand that RapidIdentity adds a placeholder for the library that will be uploaded. This placeholder is called New File. Once the Library is selected from the workstation location, the filename of the library replaces New File

  2. Select the file and click Upload Library

  3. When the upload process is complete a green notification appears as confirmation that the upload and installation succeeded.

  4. To delete a library, simply select the checkbox next to it and click Delete. There will not be a confirmation popup.