RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


In order to be recognized by RapidIdentity Connect, an adapter must be licensed to run. The RapidIdentity Connect Licensing system is based on information contained in the XML Module File. Both the name attribute and the version attribute are matched against installed license keys to determine if the adapter is allowed to be run. Before beginning development you will need to contact Identity Automation to obtain a RapidIdentity Connect SDK license key that has been generated specifically for your organization. This license key will allow you to run the SDK Example Adapter and to run/debug your own adapter during development. In order to leverage the RapidIdentity Connect SDK license key for your own adapter, you will need to temporarily set the name attribute in the XML Module File to “RapidIdentity Connect SDK”. When your adapter development is completed, you will need to contact Identity Automation to register an official adapter name that can be used to issue production adapter license keys.