RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Module Tabs

RapidIdentity Portal Module Tabs display horizontally across the top of the interface. Module Tabs organize delegated access and actions. While RapidIdentity Portal allows for unlimited Module Tab configuration, the three most common tabs are based on the following User Roles:

  1. Individual

  2. Manager with direct reports

  3. System Administrator or HelpDesk Agent

Using the Applications Module as a representative example, all users will have a tab called My Applications.

Users with direct reports will have a second tab called Team Applications.

Finally, a HelpDesk Agent or RapidIdentity Portal Applications Administrator will have a tab called Other Applications.

The Files and Reporting modules have different tab interfaces and will be discussed further within the respective modules.

The Configuration module has a different layout than the other eight RapidIdentity Portal Modules. Since (Module-Tab) Configuration is beyond the RapidIdentity Portal User's Guide scope, Configuration will not be discussed further unless necessary to explain a specific concept.

Regardless of organizational Role, for each accessible Module, all users will have at least one Module Tab.