RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

My Entitlements

The My Entitlements interface allows users to view all entitlements that have been granted to them at any time, including expired entitlements.

Users can choose either of two display options to view entitlements: List or Grid.

The grid interface provides an entitlement table allowing users to view the entitlement expiration date, category, and data classification.

Users can also click History to view their history with a particular entitlement and Details to view any configured information provided with that entitlement.

If users do not have an association with an entitlement, there will be whitespace between the entitlement checkbox and the entitlement symbol. A failed request displays a red "x", a pending request displays a curved arrow, and an approved request displays a red check mark.

Active entitlements can be revoked by selecting the entitlement and clicking Revoke.

If a user is not currently associated with an entitlement, the entitlement can be selected and the request can be submitted by clicking Re-Request.

Users can also print the data for their My Entitlements interface by clicking the Print button.