RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

My Requests

The Workflow Module My Requests subtab displays all current Entitlements for which the User may request access.


When more than one entitlement is visible it is necessary to select an entitlement to view its details.

Entitlements are listed by resource, and each resource displays its current StatusCategory, and Date Classification.

Follow these three steps to request new Entitlement access.

  1. Search dynamically or filter as described in the preceding My Dashboard section.

  2. Click the desired Entitlement checkbox.

  3. Click the View Summary or Submit Requests button; once either is selected, Workflow executes the defined process to complete the request.

There are three actions in the My Requests tab: View Summary, Submit Requests, and Reset.

Table 347. My Requests Actions



View Summary

The View Summary button allows a user to review multiple requests for access in one consolidated list. It also provides space for the user to write an explanation with the access request to the resource owner. Upon reviewing access requests and writing any necessary comments, click the Submit Request button to confirm or the “Cancel” button to discard.

Submit Requests

The Submit Requests button will submit all currently selected access requests.


The Reset button initiates a process to reset the selected in progress Entitlements; reset does not affect currently granted entitlements.