RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

My Sponsorships

To access the My Sponsorships tab, it is necessary to have the RapidIdentity Portal Sponsor Role designation. Administrators configure this designation.

Sponsors accessing the Sponsorship module see My Sponsorships first.

My Sponsorships uses a data grid to organize sponsored accounts. This grid will be empty initially (since you don't have any sponsored accounts).


Each column of the data grid is sortable. To sort, click on the column header and adjust accordingly.

Table 346. Column Headers




Checkboxes are used to select multiple rows. Records can be selected by clicking on the checkbox, by clicking anywhere on the row, or by clicking the “Select All/None” link just above the top-right corner of the data grid.

First Name

The user's first name.

Last Name

The user's last name.

Email Address

The user's Email address.

Custom Columns

Administrators can define custom columns to display pertinent information to sponsors.

Expiration Date

he expiration date of the sponsored account. The object in the directory service will be disabled at midnight.


The current status of the sponsored account. There are three statuses.

  • Expired: The account is expired and disabled

  • Expiring Soon: The account is active but expiring within one week

  • Active: The account is active and expiration is more than one week out