RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

My Team Profiles

The People module My Team Profiles delegation allows managers and team leaders to view and maintain the access of their team members and direct reports. Managers and team leaders have the following three options.

  1. Change team member passwords

  2. Reset team member challenge questions

  3. Enable, disable, or unlock a team member profile

For users that do not have direct reports or team members, the My Team Profiles will not display any team members; consequently, the bulleted options described immediately above will not be available.

Users can be viewed in a list or grid and any information available on that user is accessible through by clicking the Details button.

Administrators can configure what information is available, such as Email address, department name, phone number, and the user's photo.

The Profiles Actions, described further down on this page, allow users with direct reports to take action on their direct reports. Administrators determine which actions (e.g. Change Password, Disable) a user with direct reports can take.

Select a user and choose an available action from Select Action to apply that action to a user.

Finally, users with direct reports can choose to export their search result to a CSV file by clicking Export results or print their results by clicking Print.