RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Packaging and Deployment

The XML Modules FileXML Action Definitions File, ECMAScript Implementation File, and the Java Implementation class(es) (if any), are all packaged into a jar file using standard java tools and conventions. As mentioned above, usually all the files should exist within a single Java package. The exception to this rule would be repackaging existing Java code for use by the adapter, or when the Java implementation is large enough to warrant dividing into a package hierarchy. This can easily be accomplished using the mvn package command Once packaged, the jar file can be deployed to the RapidIdentity Connect appliance/cluster:

  • Log in to RapidAppliance

  • Navigate to Server Management, Data Tab, Common Libraries sub-Tab

  • Upload the adapter jar file

  • Any additional jar files that the adapter depends on should also be uploaded

  • After deploying/redeploying, the tomcat will need to be restarted