RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

People Actions

The Profiles module supports delegating actions to users and roles. For example, it is possible to allow users the ability to reset another user's password or challenge questions. Delegating this privilege through profiles can expedite access and relieve the IT ticket log.

The Profiles Actions Buttons available to users and their delegations depends on how each delegation is configured.


Any available options that are not visible in the bottom menu will be visible upon clicking the expand option (three vertical dots).


The available Profiles Actions Buttons are summarized in the following table and illustrated in the Self Service section.

Table 1. Action Button Descriptions

Action Button


Change Password

Change Password allows for self-service password reset functionality. When selected, a dialogue box appears directing the user to comply with the organization's password policy requirements. The password policy requirements are set by RapidIdentity Portal Administrators and can exceed the requirements of other applications within the IT environment.

Edit Profile

Administrators can allow users to update certain fields in their RapidIdentity Portal Profile. One advantage is to allow users to update their mobile number or to include an alternate Email address that can be used to facilitate communication. Changes saved are automatically updated in the organization's directory service.

Reset Challenge Responses

Update Challenge Responses is a self-service feature built into the RapidIdentity Portal Profiles Module allowing users to update their responses to challenge questions required to reset their passwords. Depending on how the RapidIdentity Portal Administrator has defined this action, it may be necessary to answer a minimum number of the possible questions shown.

It is also possible for administrators to allow users to define their own challenge questions and answers; if this option is available, click the green plus sign and then enter a unique question and answer; to discard this action, click the Minus icon (not shown).

Generate QR Code

QR Code allows users to print their QR Code, allows managers to print QR codes for their direct reports, and allows help desk members to print QR codes of any user. It is also possible to print either a secure or insecure QR Code. Secure QR Codes integrate the user's username and password, thus users are not required to enter this information to authenticate. Insecure QR Codes integrate the user's username only.

Reset TOTP

Reset TOTP resets the TOTP keys.

Reset Pictograph

Reset Pictograph resets the pictograph image pool used for authentication.

Delete FIDO

Users with a registered FIDO device can delete (i.e. dissociate) the FIDO device from their profile by clicking Delete FIDO and then clicking Yes to confirm.

Manage FIDO

Manage FIDO provides information about a registered FIDO device and allows FIDO users to rename their device.


Export the profile for import into another location.


Administrators can allow users to print another profile profile if desired.