RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


PingMe authentication requires the RapidIdentity Mobile app.

Follow these steps to authenticate with PingMe.

  1. Decide whether PingMe is a method for RapidIdentity or RapidIdentity MFA.

    1. If using PingMe with RapidIdentity, define and enable authentication policy with PingMe as an authentication method and enable the PingMe method.

    2. Complete each of the fields, prioritize methods, and configure any additional criteria.

    3. Click Save.

  2. If using PingMe with RapidIdentity MFA, follow the steps outlined here.


After configuring any necessary criteria and prioritizing any additional methods, authenticate to RapidIdentity with your user credentials. If the authentication policy requires the user to use the PingMe method, then a 'pinging' screen displays to let users know that RapidIdentity and RapidIdentity Server are contacting the user's device on which the RapidIdentity Mobile app is installed.


The RapidIdentity Mobile app posts a notification on the mobile device and when users access the app they will be able to deny the request or approve after entering their PIN.


A successful approval subsequently directs users to the configured RapidIdentity landing module, or in the context of RapidIdentity MFA to the user's workstation or the RapidIdentity Server interface.