RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

RapidIdentity Authentication API Guides

There are three main API calls involved in the Modular Authentication API.

Table 260. API Endpoints



GET /idp/ws/rest/authn/krb

Attempt to initialize the process with Kerberos SSO. See Kerberos.

GET /idp/ws/rest/authn

Initialize the authentication process and receive the initial authentication step. See Initialization.

POST /idp/ws/rest/authn

Submit an authentication step and receive the next step.

Each response from the server and associated request from the client is a JSON object which has at the very minimum a type and id field.

In a response from the server, the type field indicates the next authentication method required to proceed.

The id field is an opaque value which has no meaning in-and-of-itself.  All requests from the client should contain the same id value which was previously included in the response from the server.

During the authentication process, the server currently maintains session data using the Java HttpSession mechanism and this is bound to a particular client using a HTTP Cookie. This implies that the client must support cookies in order to use RapidFederation Modular Authentication.