RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

RapidIdentity Federation Administrator's Guide Organization

Similar to RapidIdentity Connect, RapidIdentity Federation contains a joined user's/administrator's guide since the end user is most often a system administrator or otherwise equivalent-level technology professional.

The RapidIdentity Federation Administrator's Guide is divided into three content areas:

  1. RapidIdentity Federation IdP and SAML Integration

  2. Employing Authentication Policies

  3. Multiple LDAP Directory Support

All RapidIdentity Federation features and settings are configured through specific RapidAppliance Configuration content areas and are discussed in greater detail on the corresponding pages.

Visually, RapidIdentity Federation is equivalent to the RapidIdentity login page, regardless of whether authentication policies are enabled. This login page supports CSS configuration enhancements to allow organizations to brand their login page to best serve their organization and user population, which is described further in the RapidIdentity Federation IdP Editing the Web Template  section.