RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

RapidIdentity Federation IdP Setup

The RapidIdentity Federation Identity Provider setup requires access to the RapidIdentity Appliance Application Settings. These settings are accessible through RapidIdentity Portal, RapidIdentity Connect, or RapidIdentity Appliance authentication. To access through either RapidIdentity Portal or RapidIdentity Connect, users must have access to the Configuration Module.


Upon accessing either Configuration module, click the RapidIdentity Appliance Settings link to access the RapidIdentity Appliance home page.

On the RapidIdentity Appliance homepage, use the mouse to select Configuration | IdP Configuration.  


The Identity Provider Configuration page contains various URL sites, links to download metadata and certificate information, the certificate fingerprint, and an option to ensure consistent client address.


When the box is checked, the client address is maintained across clustering. The box should be unchecked when users are required to re-authenticate to RapidIdentity Federation and when an error message occurs stating that a cookie was sent from one address but issued to another address.

[WARN] 2015-09-10 09:24:22.597 RapidIdentity Federation - Client sent a cookie from address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx but the cookie was issued to address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx