RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

RapidIdentity Portal Administrator's Guide Organization

The RapidIdentity Portal Administrator's Guide is divided into ten different content areas:

  • One for each of the eight RapidIdentity Portal Modules

  • One describing the RapidIdentity Portal Configuration Module User Interface

  • One describing RapidIdentity Portal Administration

The User's organizational Role and specific group memberships determine the visible Configuration tabs and associated privileges.

The Configuration Module involves two principal tabs: General and Extended.


Users in the Help Desk Role can access the General tab.

Users in the Administrator Role can access the Extended tab.

RapidIdentity Portal allows Users to exist in both Roles and, consequently, access each principal tab, however, it is likely that most users will have access to either tab only; typically, senior IT Department leaders would be assigned both Roles.

Notwithstanding assigned Role, to simplify the RapidIdentity Portal Administrator's Guide semantic usage, Administrator will serve as a blanket term referring to all Users having any Configuration Module access.

Let's proceed to a more detailed Configuration Module Interface Overview.