RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

RapidIdentity SAML Authentication Configuration

RapidIdentity supports SAML authentication and one notable difference between in the RapidIdentity Rolling Release versions and previous RapidIdentity versions is that the RapidIdentity Rolling Release versions do not require individual RapidIdentity components (e.g. Portal and Connect) to be configured as Service Providers.

RapidIdentity itself is configured as a Service Provider during the installation process and that allows immediate access to any licensed RapidIdentity component.Appliance Installation

Follow these eight steps to configure SAML authentication.

  1. After IdP configuration is complete, click on Configuration | SP Configuration

  2. This page displays any current configurations, along with action buttons to configure new applications, and assign applications. Click Configure New Applications.

  3. If the IdP is configured to run in the same appliance, click Click here to load metadata for the active Identity Provider to autofill the local IP metadata. 

  4. All other fields are required. When complete, click Save, and then click Assign Applications.  

  5. Select the appropriate RapidIdentity Application from the drop-down box.

  6. Once an application is selected, the Assign button appears. Clicking assign triggers a browser confirmation pop-up window. Upon affirmation, the SP Application Assignments page displays the new application.

  7. To view, edit, and delete any application, click View/Edit.

  8. To finalize the new application assignment, restart Tomcat.