RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


RESTPoints is a RapidIdentity Connect feature that allows administrators to map an arbitrary RESTful API resource request to an Action Set execution, rather than having to conform to the run family of RapidIdentity Connect API calls. The RESTPoint acts as an interface between the RapidIdentity Connect Action Set and the service provider. The RapidIdentity Connect Action Set serves as a programming function and returns a response value, and the RESTPoint will connect the Action Set to the service provider. The HTTP method (e.g. GET, PUT, and POST) used by the RESTPoint and any predefined Action Set input properties both determine how the data is processed.

Only users or groups in the RapidIdentity Connect Project Admin Role can configure RESTPoints, and each RESTPoint is configured at the Project level.

All RESTPoints are created by clicking the green plus sign.