RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release

Retention Policies

Retention policies allow administrators to configure which audit events are logged and when logging to a database, how long each event will be retained before purging.


Retention policies are organized hierarchically. "Inherit" results in applying whatever policy is described in the next level up.

The top-most level of the Retention Policy hierarchy is displayed in the Products table. Administrators can modify the policy configuration by clicking Edit


Administrators can select Always Retain, Do Not Log, Retain For, and Inherit for the Policy. After the policy type is selected, click Save.

Drilldown allows administrators to provide granular retention policies to any of the listed RapidIdentity products. As administrators continue to drilldown with each product retention policy, a breadcrumb trail appears to illustrate the overall hierarchy. Clicking on the breadcrumb trail words allows administrators to return to that level of the retention policy hierarchy.  


Once the most granular level of the retention policy is reached the drilldown option disappears. Retention policies accessed through the drilldown button can be edited by clicking Edit and the same interface to edit the parent-level of the retention policy becomes visible.