RapidIdentity Product Guides - 2019 Rolling Release


The RapidIdentity Portal Roles module provides an interface to manage directory service roles. Users can choose to either of two display options to view reports: List or Grid.

Depending on privileges, users can administer the following Roles.

  1. Personal Roles, which are those created by the authenticated user and listed under the My Roles interface. All users can see the My Roles interface.

  2. Team Roles, which are accessible to users with direct reports (i.e. Managers). Managers can view, edit, and administers roles created by their direct reports.

  3. Other Roles, which are accessible to users in the Portal Roles Helpdesk Role.

When no roles are selected, users can export or print a copy of the existing roles. Export Results generates a CSV file.

Selecting one or more roles enables the Clone, Sync, and Delete actions.